Toy suggestions
Settle down toys
There are many different types of toys on the market. Remember that dogs CHEW their
toys. That IS fun for a dog.
Many toys can be safe or dangerous depending on the dog or situation. Do some
research and then do what feels right to you. Some toys can be wonderful for supervised
play, but you may not want to leave your dog alone with them.

Playing Toys- things like:
Stuffed Animals
Kong Toys- without food
Home Made Dog Toys
Buster Cube

Settling Down Toys (SEE BELOW FOR IDEAS):
I find that if you want your dog to settle down giving him/her a natural chew works
wonders. I suggest buying a variety of natural toys and see what works best. I have
found that the more natural smell the chew has - the better.

Be sure to check in with your own good sense and follow your instincts. Don't every
worry about taking away a toy or chew that does not "feel" right to you.

On Rawhide
Many people ask me about the use of rawhide chews. I like them and I have always used
them for any & every type of dog in my house. A
Harvard Medical School study confirms
rawhide is fully digestible and safe for all dogs (as published in the JAVMA Vol 197, July
15, 1990; Lage, A. et al).

Another Major Vet Hospital- Rawhide Ok & Feeding Safely.

Opinion on Rawhide from A Vet's Guide to Life

Beef Marrow Bones- Raw feeding
A Vet's Opinion on Feeding Raw Meaty Bones to our Dogs

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