3 Stages of Dog Training:
Stage 1
Stage 3
A Bonus!
Once your dog has completed the class,we will be
happy to show you how to do some simple tricks
with your dog if you like!

This usually takes place on the last day of your
home or group basic obedience class.
We teach obedience using a reward. This makes your practice
sessions more effective and your dog learns quickly.

You will be required to practice your new skills during each
week with the reward.  We will create a schedule that is
perfect for your dog’s ability.
Stage 2
Once you and your dog have learned a skill and are working
together smoothly, we will show you how to wean your dog off
the reward and integrate obedience into your lifestyle.  

Your dog will learn a habit of responding to you when he is
with distractions.  

At this stage we will use obedience to solve your dog’s
behavior problems.
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