What Our Method Provides

What your dog wants you to know:
"You humans can be very confusing and learning
a language is hard. I like this idea."

What your dog wants you to know:
"I would like you to tell me how to behave
instead of being corrected all day."
A Common Language:
It is important that your dog knows clearly what you mean
when you ask him to do something.
An example:  Does "Sit" mean sit and jump back up,
or does "Sit" mean sit and stay?)
as the leader.  An obedient and well adjusted dog
looks up to the leader (you) for cues about how to
respond in different situations.  

They see that you are in control and that you can be trusted
to keep them safe.

What your dog wants you to know:
"I love to please you, it would be great to develop
some new habits together."
A Habit of Obedience
Once we have a common language, where your dog can
understand what you are asking of him,
we create a "habit of obedience" where your dog gets into
habit of listening to you in all circumstances.

This means your dog will listen to you when he is hungry,
tired, excited or playful.
An Understanding of Leadership
Being a leader means that you set and enforce boundaries,
you decide whet happens in any situation.  Dogs are
more calm and at ease when you take the role as the leader.

A great deal of communication with your dog takes place
through your energy and body language. As you work with
your dog using our methods, he will develop good eye
contact and he will learn to watch you closely.  

He will learn that when he follows his leader
all good things come to him.  

What your dog wants you to know:
"I agree. When you are not in charge then I have
to take charge. This seems to make you
( and other humans) unhappy "
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