Housebreak your puppy or adult dog- without using a crate!
If your dog is soiling the house every day, or even just once or twice a
month then he is not housebroken properly!

Teach your dog to:
* Eliminate or “go potty” in an area that you choose.
* “Go potty” on command.
* Eliminate in the “potty area” 100% of the time.
* Enjoy
Home Freedom.
This includes:

Our 100% housebreaking workshop.
Up to 3 home visits by the trainer.
Demonstration of proper crateless
housebreaking techniques.

Printed class notes.
Unlimited telephone support to insure
In Home Housebreaking Class
Contact us for rates
100% Housebreaking
for Dogs or Puppies.
If you live outside of our dog and puppy training area, telephone
lessons are available for housebreaking, potty training or home
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