No Pull Walking

Walking Without Pulling

Start out for a walk with your dog.
(But don’t plan to get very far.)

When the leash goes tight…Stop.

When your dog puts slack into the leash, (or if your dog
turns to look at you and steps back) you can begin
walking again.

For puppies and sensitive dogs stopping may be

For a large dog with an established habit of pulling,
changing direction quickly or backing up might be
better when your dog pulls. See what seems to work

Pay attention! (No texting)
Never let your dog pull.
If you have an energetic dog this technique works best
when you move more quickly.

If you need to change direction, or get him/her going in
another direction pull - then release the leash as you
walk away in the direction that you want to go.

I taught a version of, Heel," for years, I call it , "Walk
With Me," but I was never satisfied. Sometimes I
wished that my dog could just  simply understand how
to walk freely without pulling, and have more freedom
to explore.

I always thought that there could be a better way- and
there was. When I adopted my dog Oscar 6 years ago
the rescue group gave me a packet with some
instructions for no - pull walking. Within two weeks my
dog was walking on a loose leash. It was magic.

I have changed the instructions a bit, but here it is!
You can start your puppy out right... and retrain your
older dog.

Don't give up, it works like a charm!
(c) 2012 Barbara Rivera

Best collar- "Martingale" or "No Slip Collar."
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