Teaching Come

A dog can learn our language, simply NAME the ACTION
and you dog can learn what you are saying...
if you repeat the word (paired with the action)  enough.


When your dog is heading towards you, Hold your hand
up to your shoulder, then drop your arm*- and say,
“Your dog's name, come!”

Praise your dog for coming to you.  

Dogs are body language oriented, and this dropping of
your arm will be a trigger for him/her to runs towards

-Surprise your dog with a dried treat now and then for
coming to you.

-Call your dog "come," for things that s/he wants and
desires from you:
-a walk
-a new toy
-a treat

-NEVER punish your dog, or lock him/her away in a crate
after using,"come."
(c) 2012 Barbara Rivera
word means. I always grin when I see dog owners chasing
their dog around the dog park. Come is so easy to teach-
these tips below will show you how.

If you have problems teaching your dog to ,"come,' on when
your dog is excited or distracted, you may need a

Please call us if you are having problems.
(c) 2012 Barbara Rivera
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